During the summer of 2006 we started a venture that soon redefined the concept of Fleet management.

Fleet management is not only about “tracking” our vehicles on some kind of map or capturing information into endless spreadsheets with the hope of better managing our assets.

Fleet management is all about proper policies and procedures and how to integrate these policies and procedures into one web based solution.

Keyfleet started with a detailed asset register and then added multiple management modules to that register to form one integrated solution. Today we offer at least 18 different fleet management modules in one system.

One of Keyfleet’s biggest achievements was the “on road diesel” network that we created where 87(and growing) participating sites across South Africa utilize our technology so that we can (for the first time ever) display live validated fuel transactions on a special dashboard to our clients. We also offer diesel at 60 plus sites in the rest of africa on a prepaid basis.

Keyfleet the system

  • This is the heart of our entire service, where all our modules combine into one integrated solution.
  • Users can be restricted to access only modules pertaining to them.
  • Third party transactions (fuel, tracking etc.) get imported into Keyfleet using controlled processes by specialists ensuring that all your external data will be accounted for.
  • The industry leading Keyfleet report system allows exception reports to alert users when irregularities occur. If users require a specific report, that will add value to Keyfleet, we have an IT team standing by to fulfil their wish.
  • Keyfleet will "replace" most if not all of your spreadsheets.

Marketing Video

Keyfleet Introduction video


Port Elizabeth, South-Africa

Phone: 041 360 8000

Email: admin@keyfleet.co.za

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